Woking Academy

Junior chefs (6-10): Pasta

We are ready to roll! Your Junior chefs will have a go at making their own pasta dough ready to roll or shape for an Italian-style feast. They'll be bringing home pasta and sauce ready to cook for a family meal of your own, and they'll have great fun getting to grips with new shapes and flavours, too.


Wednesday Aug 2nd 2023

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Places available

What to expect

Gordon loves getting his children involved in the kitchen, meaning they’ve grown up really excited and inspired by food. Our Junior chef classes are a great opportunity for young cooks to get stuck in and have fun trying out new things.

We know pasta is always a crowd-pleaser when it comes to family meals, so why not introduce your keen young cooks to how it's made with our easy beginners pasta class. 

This 2-hour class will focus on what goes into pasta dough, from cracking eggs to mixing and kneading, then moving on to having plenty of fun shaping pasta by hand. The Italians may call them 'pici', while the kids might like to think of them as pasta worms!

The pasta shapes will be ready to take home to cook in seconds, and they will also spend some time mixing up a flavourful sauce to toss through for your family lunch or dinner. 

Class details

Morning classes: Start 9.30am and finish 11.30am (2 hours) 

Afternoon classes: Start 1pm and finish 3pm (2 hours) 

Arrive up to 30 minutes before class to check your child in at reception and confirm contact details, then why not book a table at Street Burger downstairs for afterwards?

Class size: Maximum 12 children (please note this class is only suitable for ages 6-10)

Typical recipes and skills (we’ll cook the best available on the day, so we might surprise you!):

  • Making pasta dough from scratch and hand-rolling different shapes and styles
  • Simple sauce or toppings ready to toss through cooked pasta, such as a pesto, fresh tomato sauce or pea and ham cream

What’s included

  • Expert guidance from our chef teacher and assistants
  • Safe and friendly environment for young children to learn new skills
  • All ingredients and equipment
  • Gordon Ramsay Academy children’s apron to wear in class
  • Recipe wallet and class recipes
  • Refreshments throughout the class 
  • Takeaway containers to take their creations home in (although feel free to bring your own or a cool bag if travelling far)