Woking Academy

Taste of the Middle East

When it comes to sharing, you can’t get much better than Middle Eastern-style feasts. We’re taking inspiration from across the Middle East, Levant and beyond to bring you a cookery class packed with flavour. You’ll master dishes that balance rich spices, fragrant herbs, sweet and sour all in one.


What to expect

With our Taste of… classes we want to get you excited about some of the amazing food that’s being cooked all around the world. There’s so much to learn and discover when it comes to regional cuisines, from new flavours to age-old traditions, this is just the starting point for many more kitchen adventures to come. 

Full of warming, aromatic spices and herbs, Middle Eastern cuisine is a real melting pot of different styles and influences. In this class we’ll explore exciting dishes such as spiced meats and rice, smoky aubergine sides, fluffy bread and crisp pastries. 

Class details

Class starts: 10am, arrive anytime from 9.30am to check in at reception

Class finishes: 3-3.30pm, depending on lunch break and time to finish dishes

Class size: Maximum 12 guests, some elements may require working in pairs with a classmate, don’t worry if you’ve come alone – it’s a great way to meet new people and have a laugh

Typical recipes and skills (we’ll cook the best available on the day, so we might surprise you!):

  • Sultan's chicken - a rich, an incredibly impressive, roast chicken and rice main
  • Roasted aubergine salad
  • Bazlama flatbreads 
  • Sweet, syrup-soaked, crispy filo tarts flavoured with orange and rose

What’s included

  • Expert guidance from our chef teacher and assistants
  • All ingredients and equipment
  • Gordon Ramsay Academy apron to wear in class
  • Recipe wallet and class recipes
  • Refreshments throughout the class including a glass of wine, beer or soft drink
  • Takeaway containers to take your creations home in (although feel free to bring your own or a cool bag if travelling far)