Wondering what happens in one of our classes? Let Gordon and our chefs show you... We hope you're hungry!

Watch Gordon and Chef Alice cook Sticky toffee pudding

Gordon knows a sticky toffee pudding really is the ultimate comfort food dessert, so he was super excited to join Chef Alice in the kitchen making a vegan version to bring it right up to date.

A classic crowd-pleaser from Gordon's restaurants, this is a great recipe to learn in our Ultimate desserts class - even Gordon couldn't help going in for second helpings! 

Join Gordon and Chef Bea to make a next level cheesecake

Chef Bea takes you step-by-step through making an incredible lemon meringue cheesecake - with Gordon to help with the all-important blow-torch finish!

This towering cheesecake is one of the dishes you can learn on our Next level baking class and is definitely going to impress when you cook it at home!


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