We look forward to welcoming you to The Gordon Ramsay Academy. We aim to provide a relaxed environment where we can cook, feast and have a laugh together, but there are just a few safety rules we need you to be aware of. 

By booking a class with us, you are agreeing that you will follow these guidelines and any other instructions given to you by the chef on the day. 


I will notify the Academy of any dietary requirements (including any allergies or intolerances) or specific needs (such as accessibility considerations) when booking or via email/phone before the class date.

I will notify the Academy and accept I may have to change or cancel my booking if I have suffered from any of the following within the last 7 days:

> Skin rash or other skin conditions

> Diarrhoea, vomiting or other bowel disorders

> Sore throat, fever or other viral conditions

> Any Covid-19 symptoms or positive Covid-19 test amongst my household

I will wear appropriate clothing and footwear (flat, comfortable, closed-toe shoes) for the class and a kitchen environment. 

We use induction hobs in the Academy so we advise any guests with pacemakers should check with your GP before attending. 


1 Wash your hands and sanitise thoroughly before and after cooking and at regular intervals during your cookery class. 

2 Please never leave glasses, knives, or anything else sharp in the sinks.

3 Never walk around with a knife pointing up/out. Always carry knives at your side with the blade pointing down. 

4 Give a team member any breakages; tell us if you spill anything so that we can wipe it up (we don’t mind!), please do pick up fallen items if safe to do so and stay by spillages on the floor and get a member of staff’s attention.

5 Always use oven dry oven cloths to remove hot items from the stove or oven. 

6 Use dry hands with electrical equipment.        

7 In the event of a fire, we will leave by the nearest exit and gather outside in the main square opposite the Peacock shopping centre as directed by the team.

8 We hope you have an accident-free visit to The Gordon Ramsay Academy however we do have several fully qualified First Aiders in the building to deal with any incident. Please let us know if you have hurt yourself, particularly cuts or burns and we will be able to look after you.

9 Alcoholic drinks may be provided in some classes to guests over 18 and should only be consumed in moderation as part of the class experience

10 Have fun!


Please do take as many photos and videos of your time with us as you would like, however we ask that you keep your mobile phone on silent or vibrate during the sessions. If you wish to take or make a call, please leave the room or kitchen to do so.


Please note that photographs and video footage may be taken during the class and used by The Gordon Ramsay Academy for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media. Please speak with a team member if you have any concerns or wish to be exempted from this activity.


Kindly note, colour coded chopping boards provide a recognised system for food businesses to manage cross-contamination during food preparation. However, there is no legally defined colour coding system which means colour coded chopping boards designated for use with different food types may vary between business operations.

At Gordon Ramsay Academy we operate our own designated colour coding system which reflects the nature of the operation and fulfils all our food safety and legal obligations. You should always check and follow the local, kitchen specific colour coding rules when working in any commercial kitchen which may differ from the system used at Gordon Ramsay Academy.